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At last you can use your glass jars of various shapes and sizes with screw caps (new or used) to do the food vacuum storage and make them into something very useful.

With the Magic Valve you can recycle the jars once they have been emptied of the original foods after sterilized them with hot water at more than 60º and make them into precious containers for vacuum storage.

Preserving leftover foods and preventing them from losing flavors and organoleptic qualities or simply preparing your preserves will be a quick and easy task.

In addition, with the same glass jar you can quickly heat food in the microwave without the lid and prepare your favorite dish in seconds to eat it with the same flavor as when it was prepared.

With the Magic Valve we get:

  • Reduction of food waste.
  • Longer food preservation times. Up to 7 times more than conventional forms. VACUUM STORAGE TIMES
  • Saving time and better organization in kitchen tasks.
  • Money savings due to a better organization in the kitchen and a double use of the recycled jars and all the products compatible with the use of the iJar Magic Valve.
  • Better management of recycling and reduction of garbage production to improve the environment.

    With the reusable magic valves to transform jars, glass bottles (wine bottles), baby bottles as well as pots, bowls and pans (using universal lids with silicone rims) into containers to vacuum storage as often as needed and without limitations.

    Features of the Magic Valve:

    - Materials: Silicone + Polypropylene + AISI 316 steel for food use.

    The MAGIC VALVE is a PATENTED technology and can be used infinite times. It doesn't wear out and it doesn't break.



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