SSEU | Mattress and Carpet Vacuum Storage Bag. To store, transport, move and decontaminate

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  • SAVE SPACE during transport and storage. EASY and SAFE to move. Maximum vacuum performance with TURBO VALVE 🌪 30% more than normal valves.
  • PREVENT ALLERGY PROBLEMS by eliminating the remains of allergens, mites with their droppings, bacteria, germs, viruses, microorganisms and parasites.
  • RESTORE THE PRODUCT QUALITY with the vacuum regeneration.
  • DECONTAMINATE mattresses from parasites such as mites, bed bugs, larvae, beetles and moths. Remember that without air there is no life for parasites.
  • KEEP SAFE YOUR INVESTMENT avoiding damage caused by mold, moisture, liquids or parasites.

With the SSEU vacuum storage bag it’s possible to obtain a deep cleaning, a considerable saving of space (up to 75-80%), a better transport management as well as preserving and protect your mattress, carpet and bulky objects from mold, dust, liquids, parasites and allergens. There are no more effective methods.

Clean careful the object to be packaged using a good cleaning system (vacuum cleaner) and then use the "SSEU Vacuum Storage Bag" to pack it.

By removing all the air you will also eliminate the remains of skin cells,
mites with their droppings, bacteria, germs, viruses, microorganisms and parasites that accumulate over time inside carpets and mattresses. Remember that without air there is no life.

Valve: Universal for all types of vacuum cleaners. With fast air flow technology and watertight seal.

Zipper: with double sealing closure

Cursor: supplied with the product

Material: Polythene and Nylon -100 micron for each side


Size: 130 x 250 cm (for a single mattress or a carpet)

Size: 130 x 350 cm (for two single mattresses or big carpets)

WARRANTY: Free product exchange or refund of the purchase in case of manufacturing defects.

Shipping time: 24/48 hours

FREE SHIPPING in the European countries (mainland zone) for a minimum order amount of 65,00 euros

Rules and tips for use:

Make sure you have a sufficiently large surface available to be able to work comfortably by eliminating all sharp or pointed objects that could damage the vacuum bag.

If you use the floor, make sure it’s totally clean and free of objects such as pins, earrings, toys that could be dangerous for the user and the product.

We recommend carrying out the operation with a helper. In this way, dangerous gestures for the user and for the product will be avoided, avoiding the risk of compromising its functionality.

⚠️ After vacuum packing, roll or fold according to the packaged object and use bands of fabric by knotting them (without buckle) or bands with Velcro so that it stays in place.

"BEFORE MOVING IT" to the storage point, pack it with a sufficient quantity of bubble wrap (or using a box without brooches) to protect the vacuum-packed product, preventing the bag from being damaged during transport and losing its function.

Lack of attention to safety regulations and suggestions for use can cause damage to the product. The company assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from non-compliance with the rules and suggestions.

In the event that the bag is damaged due to incorrect use, ask the seller for assistance to solve the problem.

It is not a toy. Keep away from children. Handle with Care. Risk of suffocation.


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