Sirena - Pet Brush

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  • It cleans itself.
  • The dog is brushed and the hair is sucked without soiling.
  • Brushing without complications for dogs with long and medium hair.
    • Brushing mode. Auto-Cleaning Mode.

      Remove the hair released by your dog before it spreads throughout the house. The hairs are sucked directly into the suction system.

    • More refined bristles

      364 bristles are positioned at a 35 ° angle, so when pressure is applied they flex in an upright position and penetrate into the hairy mantle to remove loose hair.

    • Capture allergens during brushing

      Eliminates epithelial and loose dead hair, thus catching allergens and preventing them from dispersion in the home.

    • It can be controlled with one hand

      Adjust the length of the bristles and switch between brush, self-cleaning modes simply by moving the thumb. Easier to avoid inconvenient movements.

    • For long and medium hairy coat

      Designed for use with adult dogs and cats with long and medium hair.

    Free Shipping - 3 Years of Warranty.
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