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With the Sirena mattress vacuum bag you can permanently eliminate all the mites with their remains and excrement.

There are no more efficient systems.

First clean thoroughly using the electro-brush (Power Nozzle) Sirena and then use the vacuum bag.

By extracting all the air from the mattress you will be able to ensure that with it you will eliminate all the microorganisms and parasites that accumulate inside, as there is no life without air, thus obtaining complete and absolute cleaning.

After having extracted all the air we recommend to put inside the bag clean and flavored air (with deodorizer Aloe Vera and eucalyptus) using the SIRENA blowing function.

In this way we clean thoroughly and regenerate the mattress.

Vacuum cleaning guarantees the total aspiration of the remains of skin cells, mites with their droppings, bacteria, germs and viruses deposited on the mattress during the rest.

If you have the Sirena version with OZONE, you can clean the mattress by blowing ozonated air before removing it from the cover. In this way, you can sterilize inside and outside, resting in safety.

Associated with the use of the Sirena air purification system, we guarantee a healthier environment.


Sizes: 200 x 250 cm (78,74 x 98,42 inch)

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