Pack TLMK - Sirena LifeStyle

Pack TLMK - Sirena LifeStyle

Con la subscripción mensual del Pack TLMK se puede:
  1. Mostrar vendedores
  2. Crear vendedores
  3. Editar vendedores
  4. Eliminar vendedores
  5. Mostrar visitas
  6. Asignar visitas
  7. Editar visitas

el Pack TLMK se puede activar solo si ya tienes activo el Pack Base y el Pack Point.

With the monthly subscription of the TLMK Pack you'll can:

  1. Show dealers
  2. Create dealers
  3. Edit dealers
  4. Eliminate dealers
  5. Show visits
  6. Assign visits
  7. Edit visits

*The TLMK Pack can be activated only if you already have the Basic Pack and the Point Pack.

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