SSEU | Air Sterilizer / Ionizer for Sirena

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Sirena TV Sterilizer is a new tool with UV-C Technology developed to increase the indoor air safety.
It kills or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.
Virus, Bacteria, Germs will be eliminated before the air flowing in the Sirena system.

It's like a prior sterilization to improve the elimination process of pathogens and be sure that our air will purified and sterilized.

The UV-C technology can be combine with anions (negative ions) or ozone ( O3 / trioxygen).

With Sirena it has never been so safe to breathe healthy air in our spaces.

Technical information:

Voltage: AC 220V
Wavelength UV-C: 265-280nm
Wavelength Lumens: 6000K

Negative Ion Generator
Input Voltage: AC 220V
Output Voltage : -4800V+/-500V
Anion : 10x10 6 pcs/cm3

Warranty: 3 years from the purchase date. (ticket or invoice date)

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