SIRENA | Replacement Dusting Brush Bristles

SIRENA | Replacement Dusting Brush Bristles

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Siren accessory replacement

The bristles of the accessories are made entirely of natural hair (NOT SYNTHETIC). This feature is essential for "safe" and "effective" cleaning.

- "Safe" because it does not damage delicate surfaces making them shine naturally, which is difficult to achieve with synthetic bristles that are usually used for the production of accessories for common vacuum cleaners and electric brooms.

- "Effective" because thanks to the natural composition associated with the powerful Sirena air flow, a triboelectric effect is created, generating a negative electrostatic charge greater than that of the micro particles present in household dust (hair, epidemic cells, mites, pollen.. .) so that it effectively attracts and collects dirt.

The special shape of the bristles is designed not only to better collect the dust but also to constantly guarantee the air flow necessary for suction.

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