SIRENA O3 | Air Purification System and Cleaning Sanitizer with integrated Ozone

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Due the growing global problem of Coronavirus today is very important to sanitize our environments. From Sirena technologic department borns Sirena O3.
The only air purification multifunctional system with integrated ozone.

  • Do you need to clean and sanitize your spaces to prevent possible disease but you are tired to waste your time without to reach the results that you want?
  • Do you suffer of allergy or breath problems and you have trouble during the cleaning operations?
  • Do you have pets in your home and you want to fix the parasites and pet dander problem?
  • Do you want to live in a healtier and safer place saving time and money to enjoy them better with your family?

The answer is a question! 
Do you know the Sirena System?

Sirena is a powerful Integral Cleaning System.

Developed to prevent and treat the respiratory diseases.
Besides, you can purify the air and all surfaces until the most difficult points by eliminating the dust and the dirt to 100%.
With the Siren System you can clean your home at the same time you are making the following air treatments:

- Air purification 
- Humidity regulation
- Elimination of bad smells

- Air deodorization (without chemical products)
- Air sanitation 
- Air disinfection

* As the Ozone makes the water a natural disinfectant, you can prevent contagion problems due to germs, bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted through the respiratory tract.

- Sanitation / sterilization with Ozone for foods, objects, surfaces and air.

Besides you can use Sirena also for therapeutic functions like:

- Aromatherapy (with essential oils)
- Balsamic inhalations (with eucalyptus)
Halotherapy / Thalassotherapy (with salt and essential oils)
- Chromotherapy (with an extra accessory)

when you need, you can refresh the air of your home using cold water and ice and you can use Sirena like repellent for flies and mosquitoes putting some drops of Citronella in the water so you can avoid the use toxic and carcinogens products.

Thanks to the method of molecular separation and the water you can use a cleaning system with consistent performance and checking effectively all the dirt that you remove from your home.

- Save time 
- Clean better 
- Reduce the use of the chemical products
- Save money in cleaning products
(minimum around 40-55 euros per month depending from the habits of each one)
- Prevent and improve respiratory diseases
- Live Healthier 

Using it weekly you can eliminate the dust in the air of your home while minimizing the time that you have to devote to cleaning and breathing clean air to 99.99%.
Just place it in the middle of the room 10-15 minutes to remove all the dust from the air.
The Sirena System is fundamental for people with allergy problems. 
With the use of powerful Power Nozzle remove all traces of skin that the body releases in the mattress during the hours of rest.
This removes the main source of food and sustenance of "MITES" that live in all homes and guilty of the most annoying and dangerous forms of allergies and respiratory diseases.


You can have the Power of Nature in your home.
Like the water washes the air using rain, frost, dew and snow ... the Sirena system washes the air of your home through the water. 
The traditional vacuum cleaners with bags and filter are not very efficient because inside they accumulate bacteria, germs and viruses that contribute to worsen the state of your health and of the others that live in the house.
Besides, is expensive to use them because to make them efficient we must change bags and filters, otherwise them lose the air flow and the suction and will be not able to remove the dirt. 
As the last, the biggest problem that you will have with the use of these products is the dispersion in the air of the micro-particles contained in them. 

The traditional vacuum cleaners are contraindicated for the allergy sufferers and DANGEROUS for all the people.

You will not have any cost for the periodic replacement of paper bags and extra filters and you will have a sense of satisfaction when you clean your home.
You'll see the difference from the first use!
Finally available in Europe at an affordable price for all the families that want to live healthy cleaning their own house effectively.

Included in the pack you will receive all the Sirena tools to get a quick and deep clean.
The Sirena System is made with high quality materials.
The main unit and all the tools are made with ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)
The same material used to make the cars dashboards.
The water basin (water deposit) is made with PC (Polycarbonates)
The same material used to make the aircraft windows.
All the bristles of the tools can be replaced if you need.



All the Sirena units bought from the Authorized Dealers have the following WARRANTY CONDITIONS:
- 10 YEARS (on the main unit motor)
- 3 YEARS (on the all the other parts)
Please, make sure to buy from an AUTHORIZED SIRENA DEALER listed in the official Sirena website.

Harness the Power of Nature in your home with Sirena.

The Sirena System has all the most important certifications to guarantee you a healthy environment to improve your life.

Get for free with your first order the following products:

Natural fragrances
- Deodorizer / Antibacterial disinfectant
- Turbo Brush

Total gift value about 155,00 €uros


Asthma and Allergy recommend Go green

Sirena technical sheet

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