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"SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM.EU" is a service offered by:

Anastasia-Massimo (hereinafter also referred to as "The Organizer") with address at Calle Mosen Pedro Mena, 22 B1E2 3H, 03550 Sant Juan D'Alacant, Alicante (Spain); and provided with NIF Y1342764S.

"The Organizer" carries out the provision of this service in accordance with the following conditions, applicable exclusively to the service offered on and through the web "SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM.EU" (hereinafter "THE WEB"). Any other channel of commercialization or diffusion may imply changes regarding these conditions.

You can contact "The Organizer":

1- Postal: Calle Mosen Pedro Mena, 22 B1E2 3H, 03550 Sant Juan D'Alacant, Alicante (Spain)

2- Telephone number + 34 96 506 02 50

3- Contact form.

4- Email info@sirenasystem.eu


"SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM" aims to offer its products and services to professionals and entrepreneurs (interior designers, installers, professionals of the reforms, etc.) as well as to final consumers through the Internet.

Access to "THE WEB", still open to everyone, is only intended for legal persons and individuals over 18 years of age, with full capacity to contract, who have read and accept these Conditions of Use (this document may be printed and stored by visitors and users, constituting itself as a member of the pre-contractual information) and, where appropriate, they register as users and comply with the obligations inherent to the use they make of "THE WEB".

Any registration made in which it is identified that the user does not comply with the conditions of participation (either, among other causes, by minority, or by not accepting their conditions), will not be considered valid, so the user, even Having provided your data, you will not have the consideration of a registered user nor will your data be stored in any way.

2-Description of the service:

Through "SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM", "The Organizer" offers a free information system about products and services linked to the world of Sirena products, offering the possibility of purchasing them through the Internet.

The descriptions, both technical, graphic and, to some extent, even commercial, presented on the products and services described in "THE WEB" derive from the information provided by the respective manufacturers / suppliers of such products or services. When deriving from third parties and the individualized prior validation of each reference is impossible, "The Organizer" necessarily exonerates itself from it. In this sense, and as provided in the fifth section, "The Organizer" has established a simple, open and free communication channel to know (and thus be able to amend or eliminate) any inaccuracy that could be observed by visitors and users

The denomination "SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM" is a commercial and fantasy denomination and "SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM.EU" is also a commercial and fantasy denomination of a technical nature. In both cases the rights over them are held by "The Organizer".

3-Operation of the service:

"THE WEB" allows its access freely and free (beyond the costs derived, where appropriate, from Internet access), without the need to provide personal data or any consideration.

Optionally, users can proceed, after express acceptance of these Terms of Use, to provide their personal data to be contacted by "The Organizer" to expand the information in "THE WEB" provided and, optionally, start the process of hiring of the exposed products and / or services, with the variants and modalities that, in his case, are determined.

"SHOP.SIRENASYSTEM" enables and makes available to its users, whether they are businessmen / professionals or final consumers, other communication channels (postal, telephone, face-to-face) to be able to develop and attend any phase of the contracting process, although the conditions they could vary in attention to the channel used.

In no case the communications with customers / users will use communication systems of additional pricing.



All the prices that appear in "THE WEB" are expressed in Euros and include, where applicable and unless expressly stated otherwise, all applicable taxes. You can find more information here regarding shipping costs and means of payment.

"The Organizer" informs about the possible price fluctuations of the products and services offered, derived, among other aspects, from variations in the prices at origin, variations in the exchange rates, rates and taxes, offers from manufacturers and suppliers, level of available stocks, appearances of new models, promotions by international fairs, etc.

"The Organizer" informs that, due to its intrinsic nature, any order is subject to the effective availability of stock. In this sense, "The Organizer" confirms that if any of the Products that were requested were not available, the customer will be contacted to inform them, being able to choose between receiving the order with the available products or canceling the entire order, with the consequent immediate refund of the amounts that, if applicable, would have been paid.

Any inaccuracies or doubts that could be identified by the users in the graphic, technical, word or even price description, may be communicated to "The Organizer" for verification, and, as appropriate, modification or elimination.

5- Guarantees:

For those end users, if there is a lack of conformity because the product does not match the characteristics offered or because there are defects that prevent its normal use according to its nature, the consumer will have the right to sanitize the acquired good within a period of two years. from the purchase and in the conditions and with the means of proof regulated in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, without prejudice to the powers of "The Organizer" to verify the veracity of the defects, its origin and the moment of its appearance.

This legal guarantee may be extended, if applicable, by commercial guarantees offered by manufacturers or distributors of the products.

In this sense, and without prejudice to the rights to assist final consumers, "The Organizer" recommends the exercise of the guarantees directly against the manufacturers of the products and / or through its Official Technical Services, in order to minimize the inconvenience caused and take advantage of the extended warranty policies that they offer.

"The Organizer" will not be responsible for any damages that may result from misuse, manipulation or unprofessional installation, or malfunction caused by factors external to the normal use of the product, such as power ups or downs, use of inappropriate accessories or Prohibited by manufacturers, falls, water, fire or improper or abusive handling by the customer or by third parties not authorized by the manufacturers.

6- Payment methods:

The following payment methods are offered:
- Bank transfer
- Credit / debit card
- PayPal
- BitCoin
- Amazon Pay
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay
In the case of selecting bank transfer, you will be provided by email the details of the account to which you must make the transfer.

7- Loyalty Program:

"The Organizer", as a courtesy commercial courtesy, can establish a loyalty program based on financial compensation, under variable ratios and denominations, for customers who have made use of the service.

The loyalty program has its own regulations, available here. The advantages granted, among other restrictions, are personal and non-transferable.

8-Commercial Communications:

The users of "LA WEB" are informed and give their authorization for the reception of advertising by "The Organizer" as well as, where appropriate, the sponsors and / or companies with which a commercial agreement has been reached, always regarding products and services of interest.

This communication can be made through all the channels provided by the participant: e-mail, SMS, telephone, via mail or through the use of computer applications and social networks. The acquisition of the condition of registered user implies acceptance of these conditions of participation and the aforementioned authorization.

Likewise, unless otherwise stated, you may receive by any means among the described information and publicity of other companies or related entities about the following sectors that may be of your interest:

Telecommunications Hobby. Games Health. Fashion. Drugstore. Toy store. Music. Furniture. Health. Financial. Leisure. Training. Automotive NGOs Consultancy. Travels. Insurance Textile. Beauty. Editorial. Esotericism Great Consumption Energy. Collecting. Water. Video. Cleaning. Feeding. Cosmetics Meetings and Contacts

The users may revoke totally or partially and at any time, the consent given to the reception of advertising communications through a notification to the email to the sender of such communications as well as to info@sirenasystem.eu. A total revocation communicated to "The Organizer" will also automatically entail the cancellation of the user data of the files owned by "The Organizer", blocking them and remaining only, where appropriate, for the purpose of ensuring compliance with legal obligations or contractual.

9- Modification and Finalization:

"The Organizer" reserves the right to modify the content of its Web page and the conditions of use for justified reasons and safeguarding the rights of users. In the same way, and without prejudice to the respect of the rights acquired by users. "The Organizer" reserves the right to terminate the provision of this service at any time.

The implementation of the aforementioned variations will be carried out with prior notice to the participants and the members. By means of the modification of the Conditions of Use exposed in the Web page of "THE WEB", it will be understood as fulfilled said duty of notification in front of third parties.

10- Intellectual and Industrial Property:

Both "THE WEB" and the set of contents that derive from it are protected by Intellectual Property laws. They may not be subject to exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, assignment or transformation. Access to this website does not grant users the right, nor any ownership over the intellectual property rights of the contents contained in this website.

"The Organizer" appreciates the unsolicited referral of testimonials and other opinions, considerations and comments regarding the products or services offered by "The Organizer". Such information may be incorporated into the web, guaranteeing at all times the recognition of the authorship and the privacy of the authors. Therefore, and in order to comply with current legislation and the technical characteristics of the support, the materials submitted may be subject to modifications. The authors of such contributions, with their remission, renounce all economic or any other type of right over them, although they may at any time request their withdrawal.

The content of this website can be downloaded provided it is for private use and without any commercial purpose; Therefore, you may not exploit, reproduce, distribute, modify, publicly communicate, assign, transform or use the content of this website for public or commercial purposes.

The organizing company does not transfer ownership of its software to users. The user is the owner of the media on which the software is recorded. The organizing company retains all industrial and intellectual property rights including software. If the user transfers software from this website to his terminal, he will not be able to dissect it for study, or decompile it, translate the version of the original object code or its language into another code or language.

The trade name, brands, logo, products and services contained in this website, both their own and those of third parties, as well as these Terms of Use are protected by law.

The contents of "LA WEB" are exclusively addressed to registered users for their personal use. Any other use (commercial or not) made on the information contained on the website is prohibited.

The organizing company reserves the right to take legal action against users who violate or infringe the rights on databases and / or own and industrial property or third parties.

11-Limitation of Liability:

"The Organizer" will not respond to any problems arising from the anomalous operation of third parties involved in the technical process of the "LA WEB" service. Thus, it will not respond to failures in telecommunications networks, in services provided by Internet providers, in telephone line collapses and breakdowns, failures in the validation program, difficulties in receiving communications by anti-virus filters. -spam of third parties, etc.

"The Organizer" will not respond in any case and for any reason for the loss of incorrectly transmitted data, or for those transmitted after the deadline or those whose remission has been prevented or hindered by technical filtering systems by suppliers or software managers. email.

12-Jurisdiction and nullity and ineffectiveness of the Clauses:

These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law. In case of dispute regarding these General Conditions, the parties acknowledge and accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Alicante, except in case of litigation with non-merchants, for which the relevant legal regulations apply.

Where we are

We are in Calle Sierra da Bernia 3 P 3 El Campello, Alicante (03560) - Spain