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The iJar ®️ system is a perfect ally when we have to manage our food storage.

We all know that the best way to preserve our food is vacuum packaging because we can extend normal storage times from 5 to 7 times longer than the conventional ways.

To do that, we need to use specific bags or containers with a good watertight sealing system and valve to extract the air using an electric or manual pump.

In the market we can find various shapes, sizes and materials with a purchase price for the European market starting at €9.90 for the cheapest ones with a manual pump and reaching more than €140 - €160 for sets that include an electric pump.

In addition, we should not forget that over time these products can be damaged and broken depending of the use, generating an unwanted loss of money.

But what would you think if instead of buying these products you could turn what you have at home into containers for vacuum storage?

At last you can use your glass jars of various shapes and sizes with screw caps (new or used) to do the food vacuum storage and make them into something very useful.


With iJar ®️ you can recycle the jars once they have been emptied of the original foods after sterilized them with hot water at more than 60º and make them into precious containers for vacuum storage.

Preserving leftover foods and preventing them from losing flavors and organoleptic qualities or simply preparing your preserves will be a quick and easy task.

In addition, with the same glass jar you can quickly heat food in the microwave without the lid and prepare your favorite dish in seconds to eat it with the same flavor as when it was prepared.

With iJar ®️ we will obtain the following advantages:

  • Reduce food waste.
  • Longer food preservation times. Up to 7 times more than conventional forms. VACUUM STORAGE TIMES
  • Saving time and better organization in kitchen tasks.
  • Money savings due to a better organization in the kitchen and a double use of the recycled jars and all the products compatible with the use of the iJar Magic Valve.
  • Better management of recycling and reduction of garbage production to improve the environment.
  • The possibility to have a multifunctional system with a pressure of 0.7 Bar > 1 Bar.

The contents of the iJar ®️ box is composed from:

1 Multifunctional electric vacuum pump with rechargeable lithium battery with e-touch technology.

10 reusable magic valves to transform jars, glass bottles, baby bottles as well as pots, bowls and pans (using universal lids with silicone rims) into containers to vacuum storage as often as needed and without limitations.

How to do if you need more valves? Buy here

1 multifunctional connection adapter

1 transparent adapter for vacuum suction

2 inflation needles

2 inflation adapters

1 USB power cord

With the first order you will receive for free 10 reusable food vacuum storage bags. Sizes: 28 x 30 cm. GIFT VALUE €15,90.

Features of multifunctional electric pump:

- Built-in battery: 1500mA
- Material: ABS+PC
- Pump capacity: 6L/Min
- Degree of vacuum (suction power): -50kpa / 500 mbar
- Negative pressure value: 70kpa / 0.7 Bar
- Power supply mode: 5VDC 2A adapter
- Color: black and white
- Weight: 203g
- Size: 49mm x 50mm x 101mm

Features of the Magic Valve:

- Materials: Silicone + Polypropylene + AISI 316 steel for food use.

The MAGIC VALVE is a PATENTED technology and can be used infinite times.

It doesn't wear out and it doesn't break.


User manual electric pump


Multifunctional electric pump: 2 years from purchase date for manufacturing defects.

Magic valve: Lifetime warranty.

Delivery time:

48/72 Europe




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