Refurbished Sirena units

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The refurbished Sirena units are checked from our technical service and depending from their production date we offer the warranty time.
Some unit can be with some scratches and grazes but this estetic aspect doesn't affects the perfect functionality.

Look for your Sirena basing on the price and the warranty time.
You can chose from the drop down menu.

The photos showed are indicative, they do not necessarily reflect the chosen model.

"Warranty conditions"

Usually the new units are offer with
- 10 years on the engine
- 3 years on the other parts
- 1 year of free support

The refurbished units with more of 3 years of use are offer only with engine warranty.
Besides we offer support by phone or chat.

The Sirena units refurbished are delivered with a new HEPA filter and totally cleaned and sanitized.

We offer always the technical support and original spare parts for our European customers.

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