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BUY 1 AND GET 2 SIRENITA 🎁 plus 2 bottles of Aloe Vera deodorizer 🎁

7 Effects in 1

  • Purify

  • Deodorizes your home

  • Disinfects

  • Decongests - Balsamic inhalations (eucalyptus)

  • Saline effect (Thalassotherapy / Halotherapy)

  • Repellent for flies and mosquitoes (citronella) more information

  • Chromotherapy

WONDERFUL for the breathing of babies, children and adults. With the addition of a few drops of essence of eucalyptus, pine or GREEN TEA tree, it decongests the respiratory tract.

AMAZING to ELIMINATE bad smells in the house, pet dandruff and dandruff from the air. Odors and particles remain in the water generating a natural air exchange to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs WITHOUT ANY EXPENSE FOR THE REPLACEMENT OF THE FILTERS.

FORMIDABLE for a relaxing effect with the use of natural essences. The rain-like sound and blue lights increase the feeling of relaxation, help babies sleep better and produce a feeling of well-being.

GREAT for regulating humidity in winter and summer when using stoves or air conditioners. Avoid the feeling of sultry heat in summer and dry throat in winter when using the heater.

RESOLUTIVE to generate a repellent effect against flies and mosquitoes with the use of natural essences based on Citronella AVOIDING THE USE OF CARCINOGENIC AND HARMFUL PRODUCTS

Video demonstration 


- Blue LED lights

- Humidity regulation

- Coverage area: +/- 200 M³

- Air purification capacity: 400 CBM per day.

- Amount of purified and disinfected air: 2.2 m2 / min

- Electrical data: 12 W, 220-240V, 50 / 60Hz

- Water tank capacity: 1000 ml

- Enough amount of water to clean the air: 1000 ml

- Certifications: CE, RoHS

- Energy class A +


Delivery time:

5-7 working days

FOR FREE, 2 Deodorizer ALOE VERA of 50 ml, for a year of fresh, disinfected air.

Choose the healthy solution and take care of your family!

⚠️ Do not turn the device upside down when there is water inside. Change the water every 2-3 days. Clean the container with a degreasing detergent (such as dish detergent) at every water change. Do not use the product without water or with little water inside.


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